Marble Chess Set

Modern European-style Marble Chess Set

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Modern European-style Marble Chess Set is a must-have if you love decorative chess pieces. It comes with a beautiful and simple marble chess board. The board looks sophisticated with the basic black and white squares and glossy finish. 

The chess pieces come in a set of gold color and a set of black colors. Besides, each piece has a unique and abstract design. The soldier pieces form a stunning human lip shape, while others form human hands, legs, and crowns.

All the pieces, like the board, have a glossy finish which gives the set a luxurious look. Plus, the pieces have extreme detailing that completes the theme of the chessboard exceptionally well. 

The overall construction of the chess set high excellent. It is made of high-quality marbles sourced internationally. Moreover, it is effortless to clean and care for this set. All you have to do is wipe it clean with a soft cloth regularly.


  • Marble chessboard
  • Sophisticated design
  • Unique look
  • High-quality construction