Rustic Wooden Chess Board - Numbered

Rustic Wooden Chess Board - Numbered

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If you are surfing through the internet to find unique chess boards, you must check GrandMaster Lux. GrandMaster Lux has a myriad of choices for chessboards and chess game pieces for sale.

One such unique chessboard is the Rustic Wooden Chessboard.

Detailed Description

The Rustic Wooden Chess Board doesn't comprise any chess board accessories. You would need to purchase the accessories, and the chess set pieces for sale separately.

The Rustic Wooden Chess Board measures 37x37 cm, which means you can carry the board anywhere; it is compact; thereby, it is portable.

The rustic chessboard is a theme pattern. It is also numbered; therefore, it makes it convenient for chess players.

There is no separate storage for the coins in the chess set.

The vintage wooden chess board has an excellent surface for playing chess. The rustic touch enhances the look of the chessboard and the overall experience of playing chess.

Although the chessboard does not contain a storage compartment, neither does it come with coins. Therefore, a separate arrangement must be made for the same.